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FMESA changes membership costs

In order to encourage participation from all HTM (Biomedical) associations, FMESA has decided to waive all membership costs for Association Membership to FMESA.  Effective immediately, all local, regional and national associations may enjoy a no-charge membership to FMESA.  All we ask is that you designate one or more representatives (we call them delegates) to participate in our teleconferences.

The job of the delegate(s) is to bring to FMESA the needs of your association, helping FMESA to supplement your local value to your members.  It will be necessary to poll your members occasionally and distribute the  FMESA newsletter to your members in order to educate them about FMESA and its role in helping your association become even more vital to your members.

FMESA is specifically looking for ways to do for you those things that your association is having difficulty doing, or things that you would rather not do.  This may be in the area of national lobbying, marketing materials, a periodic newsletter, or other important things.

Please ask you Board or Officers to vote to join FMESA and participate in making this national organization able to do things that even the largest organizations cannot easily do for themselves.

FMESA Board of Directors

October 23, 2012





AAMI Forum Recommends Unified Name, Vision for Field

"Healthcare Technology Management"

Follow link to read AAMI Press


FMESA will be working with our members, META, Biomedical Societies and the medical equipment service professionals around the country providing feedback to AAMI during their 90 Day public comment period. We hope for a thoughtful debate on the pros and cons of their recommendation. FMESA wishes to thank all the members who worked on this Forum, especially Pat Lynch and Karen Waninger for conveying FMESA concerns suggestions to the Summit. We look forward to a full report from Pat and Karen at the next FMESA Board Meeting May 11 Follow our twitter account for more timely updates from all biomed outlets. We will provide additional information as it develops stay posted. -FM


Follow up:


FMESA had a very productive conference Wednesday, on Wedensday, April 13th to discuss the upcoming AAMI Summit please, review recording if you did not have a chance to attend. Visit the FMESA News Tab for the Recording Link. Also see under Resources For Biomeds Tab - Useful Documents - IBS Help Name The Profession



Urgent Response is needed!

Help Develop a Recommendation for a

Classification for Our Profession


Attention to FMESA members and friends:


AAMI will be holding a 2 day

Summiton the “future of the Profession”. Included as part of the summit will be discussions on a name or classification that may better describe what we do. This meeting will be held the end of April and is by invitation only. FMESA will have representation at this meeting and would like to be able to provide guidance to the group. FMESA’s board of directors feels this is an important topic for many reasons. Therefore, FMESA is interested in seeking your valued input in to this matter.

FMESA will be hosting a conference call to provide a forum to collect feedback, concerns and ideas to present at the AAMI meeting. It will be in your best interest to attend. The call will be held on

April 13, 2011at 4:00 pmET . Details will be provided to you directly or you can follow on our website see the FMESA News tab 

Our time on the conference will be limited to about an hour. The Board understands this is a short time frame and it is not our expectation to solve the long running issue.  However, it may be more relevant to develop a process or a framework to reach this objective.

Thank you in advance.

Frederick McMurtrie, CBET

2011 President FMESA



FMESA President's Report for 2010:

So we are finishing our first year and currently we have 10 biomed associations, 6 Biomed employers and 1 Biomed Educator as members. We are looking for continued growth in 2011. FMESA's focus is to provide bridges between the biomed associations, national groups (AAMI, META, ACCE, Ect.) and others interested in the Biomedical Profession. To this end we have supported and promoted AAMI's National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Week; FMESA leadership has attend and participated in AAMI's Educator's Round Table and FMESA has worked hard to help promote the state level biomedical associations' annual meetings. We have worked providing feedback and reviewed the legislation that was almost passed in Texas. FMESA will continue to watch this and all legislation that may be on the horizon.

We have just finished our 2nd Biomedical Congress held in Austin, TX this October where we continued to work on Educational Standards for Biomeds. Other suggestions at the meeting were for FMESA to work with our "coalition of the willing" to provide current information to BMET wiki web site, on Association's meetings throughout the United States. Exploring a partnership with ECRI, working on creating better "Medical Equipment Classification Keys" and a "Best Practices for obtaining service manuals" to list just a few things being looked at. We continue to make progress for out reach to all biomed groups big and small, with California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) being the latest to show interest in joining FMESA.

However, the most important function FMESA provides is a means of expression for all biomeds though the biomed congress. Each Biomed Association has a representative in FMESA and this is how a group gets it's voice. The association members may submit petitions/Bills for the congress to consider for action. FMESA members may exchange information on best practices and other information they wish to share with the delegate members and the other members of FMESA. I look forward to a continuing dialog with our members and future members.

To our professions continued success,

Frederick McMurtrie, CBET




MD EXPO FALL 2010 Austin, TX

OCTOBER 17 - 20, 2010

To: Our Fellow Biomedical Professional Organizations,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2nd Biomedical Congress which will be held this year October 18th & 19th at

Austin, Texasin conjunction with MD Expo 2010. FMESA would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all Biomedical Societies that may be planning on attending. If your group is not a current member of FMESA, we still would like for you to have the chance to attend the proceedings. We would like to encourage your group to appoint an ambassador to attend.Your Ambassador will be able to provide input to the Congress and report back to your group on any best practices, discussions and work pending by the Biomed Congress. The Ambassador will not have a vote(s) on any motions that may come before the Congress. However; the chair will recognize them for the purpose of debate and comment.


If your group wishes to join FMESA for full privileges (Delegate Representation) then visit our website ( under the membership application tab. We will also accept your membership at the MD Expo if you choose. FMESA has six Biomed Society or Group membership types based on the size of your membership. (You determine the size.) Your group receives the number of votes based on this number up to 6. An example is, if your group has 100 members you would choose category 2 and your delegate would have two votes at our proceedings.


FMESA will have a booth at the MD Expo and will be able to provide you with further assistance if needed to guide you though the process. Our members include The Florida Biomedical Society, Biomedical Engineering Society of Texas, East Tennessee Biomedical Association and many more. We look forward to having you become a greater part of the Biomedical Community leadership by working with FMESA though the Biomedical Congress.


You may feel free to contact any of the FMESA board members if you have questions or would like to make suggestions. Contact information may be found on the FMESA’s website or you may call me directly. If your group is planning on attending with an ambassador is important that you email me that person’s information so that they will be registered and accounted for at the meeting.

Thank you.

To our continued success,

Frederick McMurtrie, CBET

President, FMESA


FMESA - The Federation of Medical Equipment Support Associations

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